Internet Marketing | The 5 Things You MUST Understand

Internet Marketing | The 5 Things You MUST Understand

What is Internet Marketing

Here’s my understanding of Internet Marketing from personal experience as well as from what other experts teach. You absolutely MUST understand all 5 of these internet marketing elements if you want to succeed in your business.

1. Identify a great product to promote.

You need to either create or find a great product to sell/ promote so you could make money. When I say “great product” I mean a product that’s in high demand; something that people would love to buy because it brings them value in one way or another. It must be a product that fixes a problem in the industry that you’re in. Be creative and find a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your industry.

2. Turn that product into your brand.

You shouldn’t be promoting one product individually. You should be promoting a brand so you could have up-sells and down-sells relevant to your front-end product. If you’re an author, a speaker, an educator, or a consultant, then the brand is YOU so focus on connecting with your prospects on a personal level. Once people truly connect with your brand and become raving fans, you can offer them whatever you want and you will have continuous returning customers.

3. Build a community around your brand.

This step isn’t easy, however, anyone can pull it off on different scales. If you want to get to the next level, you absolutely must build a community around your brand. What I mean by this is build a “cult-like” following around your brand so you could have raving fans that will follow your brand for as long as it exists.

Take an example from Nike, Addidas, Under Armour, Apple, etc. If you’re just starting off, your community could be something as simple as a following on your YouTube channel or Facebook page that consistently watches your content and engages with you.

4. Provide continuous value to your community.

Here’s where most people mess up. If you don’t provide CONTINUOUS value to your community- you will lose it. Be consistent at communicating with your community. Provide great and relevant ideas, tips, advice, training, special deals, opportunities, and so forth. This takes a lot of work from your end and you must be completely okay with that as the leader of your community.

If you can’t personally provide continuous value to your people, hire someone to do it for you, however, keep in mind that you are at risk of losing your community by putting it in someone else’s hands because if YOU are the brand, then people want to communicate with YOU.

5. Be consistent with building your community, growing your brand, and selling.

This is extremely important. Once you catch momentum, use it to your advantage. Be consistent, especially when just starting to build your community. Otherwise, you might not have enough people resonating with you and you might fail at building a community. Also, don’t get distracted from your brand and it’s core values that attracted people in the first place. It’s okay to expand your vision, however, your core principles must remain the same.

Lastly, don’t forget to be consistent at selling or you will have no cash flow and your empire will fall apart. Share a lot of FREE value with your community as mentioned in step 4 but, don’t give away everything for free or you will program your followers to receive freebies and you will not have great conversions.

Remember, no matter how much you love your raving fans- you are in business and you MUST have consistent cash-flow for your business to exist. Treat your prospects and customers with respect and integrity and offer great products/ services that they would love to buy from you.

How to do Internet Marketing

There are many things you must understand to be able to properly execute the 5 elements that I mentioned above. If you would like to get a structured education on how to do internet marketing step-by-step from scratch, you might want to check out the ‘Four Percent Success Challenge’ – click here to learn more